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Best Places to visit near Yamunotri: Must Visit Place and their Location.


18 Best Places to visit near Yamunotri

If you are planning a religious trip to Yamunotri and looking for the best tourist places to visit near Yamunotri this holy destination, then you are at the right place. Yamunotri, located in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, is famous as the source of the sacred Yamuna river. Here is a comprehensive list of attractions and sites worth including in your Yamunotri itinerary:

  1. Yamunotri Temple
  2. Surya Kund
  3. Divya Shila
  4. Janki Chatti
  5. Hanuman Chatti
  6. Barkot
  7. Sayana Chatti
  8. Saptarishi Kund
  9. Kharsali
  10. Dodital
  11. Nachiketa Tal
  12. Gangotri
  13. Harsil
  14. Dodi Tal Trek
  15. Uttarkashi
  16. Harshil Valley
  17. Maneri Dam
  18. Gangnani

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1. Yamunotri Temple: The Sacred Source

Yamunotri temple Famous temples in uttarakhand

Yamunotri Temple, situated at an altitude of 3,293 metres, is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, the goddess of the river Yamuna. Pilgrims come to this temple to pray and seek blessings. The temple is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, making it a spiritually enriching experience.

Location: Yamunotri, Uttarakhand 249141

Yamunotri Temple is not only a place of worship but also a serene place offering a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. The road to reach the temple, about 6 kilometers from Janaki Chatti, takes you through lush greenery and beautiful landscapes.

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2. Surya Kund: Natural Thermal Springs

Surya Kund is a hot water spring where pilgrims cook rice and potatoes to offer as Prasad (sacred food) to the Yamunotri temple. The water temperature here can reach 190°F (88°C), and a dip is believed to purify the soul.

Location: Yamunotri, Uttarakhand 249141

Surya Kund is not only a religious place but also a natural wonder. The sight of steam rising from hot springs against the backdrop of the Himalayan mountains is a unique and mesmerizing experience.

3. Divya Shila: Sacred Stone

Divya Shila is a stone pillar located near the Yamunotri temple. Devotees pray and seek blessings by touching this sacred stone, which is believed to represent the presence of Goddess Yamuna.

Location: Yamunotri, Uttarakhand 249141

The divine stone is not just a stone; It is a symbol of divine energy. The ritual of touching the stone and asking for blessings has deep spiritual significance for pilgrims.

4. Janaki Chatti: Base of Yamunotri Yatra

Janaki Chatti is the starting point of Yamunotri journey. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and is a popular stop for pilgrims and travelers.

Location: Janaki Chatti, Uttarakhand 249141

Janaki Chatti serves as the gateway to Yamunotri and is a hub of activity during the pilgrimage season. This is the place where pilgrims gather before starting their spiritual journey.

5. Hanuman Chatti: Scenic Village

Hanuman Chatti is another beautiful village on the way to Yamunotri. It is a tranquil place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the Himalayas.

Location: Hanuman Chatti, Uttarakhand 249141

Hanuman Chatti is not only a stopping place but also a tranquil place where travelers can enjoy the serene environment and connect with nature.

6. Barkot: Picturesque Town

Barkot is a charming town known for its apple orchards and lush green landscape. It serves as a convenient stop for travelers visiting Yamunotri.

Location: Barkot, Uttarakhand 249141

Barkot offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. The city is known for its pleasant climate and is a great place to relax and rejuvenate.

7. Sayana Chatti: Sightseeing Place

Sayana Chatti is a serene spot nestled amidst the mountains, offering a peaceful ambiance to travelers to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

Location: Sayana Chatti, Uttarakhand 249141

Sayana Chatti is a hidden gem that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is an ideal place to enjoy the peace of the Himalayas.

8. Saptarishi Kund: Glacial Lake

Saptarishi Kund is a glacial lake located near Yamunotri. It is named after the seven sages (Saptarishis) who are believed to have meditated here. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and offers a mesmerizing view.

Location: Near Yamunotri, Uttarakhand

Saptarishi Kund is an ancient natural wonder, hidden amidst the rugged terrain of the Himalayas. Reaching the lake is a challenging trek, but the reward of its breathtaking beauty is worth the effort.

9. Kharsali: Picturesque Village

Kharsali is a unique village known for its ancient temples and picturesque landscapes. It is a peaceful place to visit while visiting Yamunotri.

Location: Kharsali, Uttarakhand 249141

Kharsali is a living testimony of the rich cultural heritage of Uttarakhand. The village is adorned with historic temples that reflect the spiritual and architectural traditions of the region.

10. Dodital: Calm Lake

Dodital is a pristine lake surrounded by lush green forests and snow-capped mountains. It is a great place for trekking and camping, providing you a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

Location: Dodital, Uttarakhand

Dodital is not just a lake; It is a paradise for nature lovers. Surrounded by dense forests and grasslands, it is a paradise for bird watching and capturing the beauty of the outdoors.

11. Nachiketa Tal: Crystal Clear Lake

Nachiketa Tal is a crystal clear lake located in Uttarkashi district. It offers breathtaking views and is an ideal place for nature lovers and photographers.

Location: Nachiketa Tal, Uttarakhand

Nachiketa Tal is like a mirror which reflects the pristine beauty of the Himalayas. Its crystal clear waters and tranquil atmosphere make it a must-see destination for those seeking solace in nature.

12. Gangotri: Pilgrimage place

gangotri temple

Gangotri, the origin of river Ganga, is another holy place in Uttarakhand. It is about 19 kilometers from Yamunotri and is a must visit for those on religious pilgrimage.

Location: Gangotri, Uttarakhand

Gangotri is not just a pilgrimage site; This is a spiritual journey in itself. The temple, Bhagirathi river and snow clad peaks create an atmosphere of divine peace.

13. Harsil: Ancient Valley

Harshil is a beautiful valley known for its apple orchards and river Bhagirathi. It is a tranquil place to spend some time in the lap of nature.

Location: Harsil, Uttarakhand

Harsil is a place where time seems to stand still. The gentle flow of river Bhagirathi and orchards laden with apples make it an attractive place.

14. Uttarkashi: Riverside city

Uttarkashi is a city situated on the banks of river Bhagirathi and is a popular stopover for travelers visiting Yamunotri and Gangotri.

Location: Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Uttarkashi is a bustling city that provides essential services to pilgrims and tourists. Its location on the river bank adds to its natural charm.

15. Maneri Dam: Scenic Reservoir

Maneri Dam is a picturesque reservoir built on the Bhagirathi River. It is a peaceful place to visit and enjoy the natural beauty.

Location: Maneri, Uttarakhand

Maneri Dam is not just a marvel of engineering; It is also a place to enjoy the peace of nature. The calm waters and backdrop of mountains make it an ideal place for relaxation.

16. Gangnani: Hot Water Springs

Gangnani is famous for its hot water springs, where you can take a relaxing bath. This is a great way to relax after a trip to Yamunotri.

Location: Gangnani, Uttarakhand

The hot water springs of Gangnani are nature’s gift to weary travelers. The warm, soothing water provides much-needed rejuvenation and a feeling of well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What are the must visit places near Yamunotri?

Ans. The must visit places near Yamunotri include Surya Kund, Divya Shila, Hanuman Chatti and Janaki Chatti. These are popular pilgrimage and natural attractions.

Q2. How far is Gangotri from Yamunotri, and can I visit both in the same day?

Ans. Gangotri is about 225 kilometers from Yamunotri, and it is not advisable to visit both places in the same day. Plan separate days for these sacred sites to fully understand their importance.

Q3. Are there any trekking opportunities near Yamunotri for adventure lovers?

Ans. Yes, there are trekking options for adventure lovers like Yamunotri-Kedarkantha Trek and Yamunotri-Saptarishi Kund Trek. These treks offer breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

Q4. What is the best time to visit Yamunotri and its surrounding places?

Ans. The best time to visit Yamunotri and surrounding places is during the summer months, from May to June and September to October. These periods provide pleasant weather and clear roads.

Q5. Is there any accommodation available for tourists near Yamunotri?

Ans. Yes, there are many guesthouses, ashrams and hotels in Hanuman Chatti, Janaki Chatti and Barkot, offering various accommodation options to suit different budgets.

Q6. Can I visit the holy temples near Yamunotri throughout the year?

Ans. No, the holy temples near Yamunotri are generally open from late April to early November. These remain closed during the harsh winter months due to heavy snowfall.

Q7. What are some nearby places for spiritual experience near Yamunotri?

Ans. For a spiritual experience, you can visit the holy city of Uttarkashi and the ancient Vishwanath Temple, known for its religious significance and architectural beauty.

Q8. How can I reach Yamunotri from major cities like Delhi or Dehradun?

Ans. To reach Yamunotri, you can travel by air or train to Dehradun and then proceed by road. Regular bus services and taxis are available from Dehradun to reach Hanuman Chatti, the base point of Yamunotri.

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